Record of a Freelancer.

So… I applied for a for a tabletop gaming mentorship on a whim. I wish I could say that I had a specific reason why I applied, but really, I applied because I wanted to learn something new. I’ve spent 2020 doing a lot of that: why stop now?

In an amazing strange twist, I was matched with a good friend who already works in the field: specifically, as a translator, which is the current body of work I am to do. And during our inagural meeting, she suggested something really great: that I should keep a journal of my work as a translator.

Make a record of my work as a translator, starting with my beginnings: a record of all my foibles, my victories, and even the “meh”. My mentor said that it would give me perspective, that it would be a way to check my growth. As someone who likes tangible proof that I’m growing, I thought that was a very good idea.

So I think that’s what this blog is going to be: an on-going journal, and a record of my developing life as a freelance translator. (And then some.)

Initially, I was going to contain this to a physical journal: I even bought a new book to outfit an old Hobonichi cover. But today, I decided that actually, I’d rather start a blog again. I used to blog quite a bit: actually my old Tumblr (which is still active) is a catalogue of my time as a JET Program ALT.

But over the past 18 months, I stopped using Tumblr: time got in the way, and honestly, uploading pictures to Instagram was much, much easier. Instagram still captured the feeling of me sharing this part of my life: it still let me

But for this journey -rather, for the start of this journey- I’d like to have a new blog, in large part because Tumblr is no longer the platform I prefer: it’s changed a lot, and honestly… the content I put on there is just not where I am now.

I made that blog when I was 22-almost-23 and still very much so a child: at 27-almost-28, I’m a radically different person. I think it would be good to have a place that reflects that change.

(Plus, I want a new blog, so there.)

I’m not setting any expectations for update schedules or content for this blog: rather, this blog will follow my life as a freelancer, starting with the last bit of my current work as an ALT, transition into my life as a freelancing nerd. And I think my mentor is right: it’ll be nice to look back at my progress, whether that’s via a notebook or a blog.

Expect pictures of cute mugs, snapshots of meals, stacks of books on the verge of spilling off a desk, video games and loads of flowers. Expect textbooks and study guides and frustrated nights where nothing goes the way I want. Definitely expect a look at my work as a translator, a transcriptionist, and an editor.

(You can even expect reviews of things, should the mood strike me: I’m a jack of all trades, after all!)

I’ll be honest: I got to here and I don’t really know how to end this inagural post. So I’ll just say this: thank you in advance for your support. Thank you for reading what I share here and for, maybe, even commenting. Thank you for your time and for your patience and for your understanding. While this project is something I’m doing primarily for myself, I’d like you -person on the otherside of a backlit screen- to know that I see you, and appreciate you too.

Now… let’s start this blog.

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