TomoChoco Podcast – Episode 53: “It’s Kashimashi”

Here’s something that’s a few months old, but that I still wanted to share to this blog: my first appearance on a podcast! As said above, I was a guest member on TomoChoco Podcast’s fifty-fifth episode, which covered the manga release of Kashimashi. You can even see me in the cute splash art for the episode, which is from… Volume 3 of the manga, if I’m remembering correctly.

I’ve since been on an episode of Anime Feminist’s podcast Chatty AF and will soon be on two more episodes this month, with future appearances this year for both a watchalong and Summer 2020 anime stuff. It’s all very exciting, and very different than what I thought I’d be doing with my voice at this point in my life.

(Side Note: I was also on a panel with Unseen Japan to talk about gender and minorities in Japan! It was voice only as I’m a rather camera shy person. Next time, you’ll see my face!)

Honestly, becoming a part of a podcast -and being on multiple podcasts now- feels like the most Millinial thing I’ve done to date. Honestly prior to being approached by the creators of TomoChoco Podcast, I’d never thought about podcasting as something I could do. I like to use my voice -and actually will be getting a credited voice acting role this year; more on that when the game comes out- but podcasts are something I associate with listening to versus me actually doing.

But now that I’m technically a podcaster… I guess I am doing it, aren’t I?

For now, I’m happy guesting and being a part of a different podcasts. Honestly, I don’t have a desire to create my own, though I would love to do more audio recordings, just for the fun of it. Still, I’m quite proud of what I’ve done -and am doing- thus far, and I can’t wait to share more of my podcasting soon!

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