Coming Soon: Doujinshi Reviews!

In a suprising twist that no one -myself included- could have expected, I’ve been offered the chance to review some doujinshi (that’s self-published fan and original works) by Irodori Comics, one of the biggest -and most dynamic- JP-EN doujinshi localizers on the market, at least in terms of bringing us fanworks.

Initially, I’ll be covering one all-ages doujinshi and one that’s a little bit spicy and for older audiences. The first review will cover Irodori Aqua’s Arrested Loveby Seiju Natsumegu, which is an all-ages rom-com about a Cop and a Yakuza. Actually, all of Irodori Aqua’s titles are all-ages: perfect for the young or teenage manga enthusist in your life!

The next review will cover Irodori Sakura’s sweet and spicy I Want You to Only Love My Body by Namaniku. Irodori Sakura is actually Irodori’s BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+/Queer imprint, and it’s about to get a ton of new titles this month. I’ll actually be reviewing a few of those to, before they drop! How exciting!

Overall, I’m really excited to provide my own thoughts about both titles, and hope that you’ll find something to enjoy about both reviews: maybe you’ll also add one or both of Irodori’s titles to your digital library. Also -as a note- both titles are readily avaliable to puchase in a variety of e-formats, including PDFs and EPUB!

I’ll be sharing my first two reviews here on Backlit Pixels (and many other platforms) on the evening of August 25, sometime around 7 p.m. Central Standard Time. In fact, I’m just about done writing them: in fact, I’m going to get back to polishing them so they shine!

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