Month Ahead: Looking at September 2020

Can you believe that August is drawing to a close? We’re just three days away -two, if you’re enough time ahead of me- from September beginning. Now, there’s just over a fourth of the year left. My, my, how time does fly!

It’s been a strange August, to say the least: I started off the month in Fukushima, and I’ll end the month in America, for the first time in two and a half years. While it’s been… an adjustment, I can soundly say that I still don’t regret my decision to relocate and continue doing great work.

This is something I hope to make a staple here on my Ko-fi, both to keep you up to date with what I’m doing, and also for full transparency. You -dear reader and supporter- are giving me your hard-earned money in support. I want you to know what that money funds and how it helps me do the work I’m passionate about and feel is important.

That being said, let’s look ahead to September 2020, and what I hope to do. So… let’s get started!

In generally, I’m still between jobs: it’s a strange time to be finding work. However, I’ve got some ideas of where to start, and hope that that means I’m finding momemtum, even admist so much upheaval and unsurety. I’m going to be applying for some tutoring positions that are completely remote, along with seeing where I can use my four years of teaching experience. The good thing about things being remote is that I can work from anywhere: when I relocate to my final destination, I’ll still be able to keep my job and won’t experience a huge setback.

I’ve also started shooting my shot where I can in general, which has resulted in a lot of requests to send along my information. In fact, I’ve got to get my resume together this weekend so come Monday, I can submit my stuff -incuding a few cover letters and some introductions- and get the ball rolling.

Articles & Writing
I have plans to write at least two articles for Anime Feminist: maybe three, though I’m not going to push myself super hard. At this time, my topics will include:

* School-Live, Mental Health, Survival, and Friendship
* Paradise Residence, Simplicity, Slice of Life, and the Healing Power of Female Friendships
* Complex Age, Adult Women in Fandom, Passion, and Growing Up or Growing Out of Things We Love

Naturally, you’ll get a preview of them before they go live: after they’re up on AniFem, they’ll be avaliable for free on both the AniFem site and will be shared to my professional blog.

Translation & Localization
I’m still at it with translation and localization, and have high hopes towards using my skills as a former ALT in regards to it. It might not be my main job at the moment -gotta get that insurance and whatnot- but its certainly something that I take as seriously as any other work. 

So… have there been developments? Well… kind of, actually.

So, there might be the chance that I’ll be translating a volume of a (completed) manga, though… I’m hesitant to talk further as nothing’s been finalized. I’m just gonna put it out there that I’ve been ear-marked, and… leave it at that.

I’ve also got a meeting with a translation firm next week, just to see if I should move forward with applying or considering working with them. It’s not high paying work but it is a foot in the door, and honestly? That’s what I need: an entry point. At this point -and especially since I have no work history in the US- I’ll take what I can get knowing that I’ll find my stride in due time.

Currently, I’m balancing a slew of contributors for Anime Feminist, all of whom are really pushing me to become a better editor. Hopefully, their articles will go live during September: I’m eager to get them across the finish line so they can shine and get the love they deserve from our community.

Additionally, I’m waiting on news concerning an editing test with a newer light novel publisher. I won’t say much, especially since I’ll be required to sign an NDA, but I will say that I’m fairly optomistic about my chances. Regardless of the outcome of my test -and, if I pass, my screen interview- I’ll still end up a reference. Maybe in the future, you’ll see my name alongside a great team of people.

One of the most unexpected things that’s happened this year is my debut as an occassional podcaster! I’d never considered doing podcasting, but like a good millenial, I’ve swan-dived into being a guest and an occassional panelist on AniFem’s Chatty AF and haven’t looked back.

Actually, I’m currently in the middle of doing a few episodes for Anime Feminist, including participating in an anime watchalong. I’m not sure when the first episode will drop, but please keep an eye out for it: I’ll link it here and across my various platforms as soon as I can.

I’ve also been asked to guest on another podcast, though that won’t happen until October. Still, it’s… pretty exciting!

Media Reviews
I started reviewing doujinshi (Japanese fanworks) at the tailend of August, thanks to Irodori Comics. I started with their all-ages cop x yakuza rom-com Arrested Love, a doujinshi which I really, really enjoyed. I’ll be doing more reviews for them -and their various imprints- in Septmeber, though those reviews will be focused primarily on Yuri.

That being said, I’ve received permission from The Macaron Press to review some of their doujinshi. This is a unique chance as Macaron is still in the works: they haven’t formally become a company and publisher yet. However, in keeping with my goal of supporting Yuri and Yuri-centric creators, I asked to review what I could to help promote them and be another brick-layer in the road to becoming a formal publisher.

Expect at least three reviews during September: four if I can manage it.

TL;DR – September 2020
*I’m still job hunting, but have some options and potential prospects
Expect to see up to three articles written by me on Anime Feminist (you’ll see at least one next month)
I might be translating a completed manga (1 volume) but nothing’s final yet, so… I’m keeping it completely vague and not disclosing anything just in case
I’ve got my hands happily full of contributors over on AniFem, and hopefully, you’ll get to see their articles go live in September
In addition to job hunting, I’m waiting to take an editing test for a newer light novel-focused publisher
Expect links to some podcast episodes I’m on
Expect at least three doujinshi reviews next month from both Irodori Comics and The Macaron Press

As you can see, it’s been a full August for me, and it’ll be a full month ahead. But I think that’s good: it feels nice to work, to do good work, to create and hopefully, do work that inspires others. Certainly, it’s not been an easy August, but… like I said above, I’ll find my stride.

Now, it’s the weekend and that’s a no-work zone for me, so I’m going to go offline for a while, let my body rest (I’m with allergies and potentially, a cold; both due to relocating) and I’ll be back on Monday to end the month with a bang!

See you next post!

As always, if you want to support my work, want to help me continue to work sustainably, or just generally want to support my ongoing creative and professional endavors, please consider buying me a nice cup of Ko-fi or donate to me via PayPal. As of August 29, 2020, you can even commission me, though I’m still setting that up.

As I always say, every dollar -and I mean, every dollar, including a single dollar- allows me to sustainably and healthily do the work I love, all while sharing it with you for free. Giving doesn’t have to be big: small gifts give me the most energy sometimes.

Thank you in advance for your on-going readership and support: words can’t express how grateful I am to know you’ve got my back.

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