Love Me, Honey! Reviewing Irodori Sakura’s “I Want You to Only Love My Body”!

The cover for Namaniku's Yuri doujinshi "I Want you to Only Love My Body", which is published by Irodori Comics under their imprint, Irodori Sakura.

Publisher: Irodori (Irodori Sakura)

JP/Original Title:

Original Story and Art by: Namaniku (@nmnk2020)

Translator: Itsuki
Letterer: Tim Sun
Formatting: Katarina Kunst
QA: On Takahashi and Zhuchka

Page Length: 23
Color or B/W: All B/W

Threat to out the MC for comedic effect, mild sexual harrassment

Reader’s Note: I received a review copy of I Want You to Only Love My Body from Irodori Sakura in exchange for an honest review of the material. I was not compensated for my review, nor will I be post-review. Additionally, any images seen in the review are taken from the official release. Opinions are my own.

One Sentence Summary
Inter-office romance blooms when Rika Sayama finds out that Haruka Togo, a seemingly serious OL, is looking for a someone new…

Expanded Summary (Take from the Product Page)
Hardworking office worker Haruka Togo is hiding the fact she’s a lesbian. Her colleague Rika Sayama discovers her secret and offers a unique proposition…

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten a lot of Yuri one shots, mostly in the form of Yuri anthologies. But I’m always on the hunt for more standalone one-shot stories to enjoy, so it was an easy “yes!” when Irodori asked me if I was interested in checking out some of the titles under their Sakura Imprint.

For reference, Irodori Comics is a doujinshi publisher, bringing a wide range of all-ages and adult doujinshi from Japan to the rest of the world. Currently, they have three imprints: Irodori, Irodori Aqua, and Irodori Sakura. I Want you to Only Love My Body is from their Sakura Imprint, which focuses on BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+/Queer doujin. Additionally, it’s an OT -Older Teen- one-shot, which means it’s suitable for older readers, especially since there’s no actual sexual content displayed. 

The Plot
I Want You to Only Love My Body centers on Togo , a seemingly serious office lady who’s nicknamed “The Demon”. Naturally, Togo isn’t super keen about this, especially when her counterpart is Sayama Rika, a charming, bright-eyed new-comer that Togo’s in charge of mentoring. Yet outside of work, Togo’s quite a different character: then again, so is her counterpart, Sayama.

Irodori is really bringing their best with this translation: Itsuki’s work reads smoothly and fits this one-shot quite comfortably. It’s clear that they’ve worked very hard to make sure Namaniku-sensei’s work shines. There’s even a few notes regarding Japanese LGBTQ terms, such as the use of “neko” being slang for someone who’s a bottom.

(Fun fact: the opposite is the word “tachi”. There’s your JP LGBTQ slang lesson for the day!) 

Once more, I’ve gotta talk about the lettering: it’s clean and looks so crisp! This definitely extends to the retouched sfx, which match the text perfectly. For example hen someone’s whispering, they’re tiny and wrap around the speech bubble: when someone sighs, the text slumps and trails off, just like a person when they sigh.

Actions and motion sound effects feature strong, impactful designs: emotions suit the mood. It’s all really good. And, since this is going up the day after Lettere Appreciation day (9/1/020) I’ve gotta say that I really want to see more of Tim Sun’s lettering in more works. It’s truly a delight!

Speaking of delights, let’s talk art now!

The Art
The art is very neat, with no same face syndrome between Togo and Sayama. It woul feel at home both in a doujinshi and an anthology. It’s clear that Namaniku-sensei works very, very hard to make good art.

One thing I particularly liked was how Namaniku-sensei drew eyes: eyes are my favorite part of manga illustrations, so it was really nice to see some nicely detailed eyes.

Additionally, I really like Namaniku-sensei’s screntone choices. In addition to liking good eyes, I really love good use of screentone. I’m not sure if this doujinshi was done traditionally -by hand- or digital, but honestly… the screentones look good either way.

The last thing I’ll note is that I really like how Namaniku-sensei draws women. Much like in my review of Arrested Love, I really appreciate that Togo and Sayama have realistic proportions. Togo has a noticeably larger bust, but not at the sacrifice of her waist. Also, her shirts fall over her chest in a natural manner too, which is something I always appreciate. Sayama is much the same: while she’s a bit more petite -in comparison to Togo- she also has realistic proportions that don’t make my back ache in sympathy.

I think that there’s certain a place for more generous body parts: in fact, some of my favorite characters have “dynamic” proportions. But as someone with an AFAB body, it’s nice to see women being drawn the way that women’s bodies can and do look versus the fantasy way that they might look. That’s not to say that bodies with bigger proportions -namely, breasts- don’t exist: AFAB bodies can look many different ways, and all are valuable and important. But I think there’s a difference between showcasing a wide range of body types and fetishtization of a body. 

If this was a fantasy series, I might excuse it: but since it’s a slice-of-life Yuri, it’s nice to see that dollop of realism, especially since our two main characters are OLs (Office Ladies) modelled after your everyday Japanese woman. Safe to say I’m happy that Namaniku-sensei drew the way they did.

Speaking of the girls… let’s talk characters!

The Characters
There’s really only two characters to talk about: Togo and Sayama Rika.

Let’s go with Togo first.

Togo presents as a stern beauty: she’s quick to get to the point when it comes to work, making it clear that if your work isn’t good enough, she’ll be expecting you to fix it immediately. As I mentioned above, her nickname at work is “The Demon”, which definitely 

Of course, that’s not who she really is: outside of work, she’s just like any other young woman. She likes to have a drink, she likes to hango out, and during this volume, she even goes to a club, which sets up the climax, both literally and figuratively.

In the same measure, Rika also comes off as a completely different person compared to who she really is. In office, she presents as a very sweet, innocuous new-comer who’s eager to learn and eager to work her hardest. Yet just like Togo, she’s very different outside of work. While I didn’t end the volume thinking Rika had put on a facade, that certainly wasn’t the full measure of her character.

Honestly… I can’t speak about them more without getting into spoilers, so… time to get into a bit more detail. Readers who wanna go into this one-shot completely unspoilder can skip to the TL;DR. Otherwise, get ready to get all the details about I Want You to Only Love My Body!!

Here There Be Spoilers

Unlike Arrested Love, I Want You to Only Love My Body isn’t divided into parts: instead, it’s just a straight one-shot focused on Togo and Sayama and the night of passion they share.

Things ramp up when Togo goes to a lesbian bar to meet someone, only to hit a snag when she and her potential partner are both “neko”, or bottoms. Dejected, Togo leaves without any new numbers in her phone, ironically thinking that she’d like a girl like Sayama to fall in love with her.

Cue Sayama appearing in the middle of the night, ordering Togo to follow her to a Love Hotel.

(Hey, it’s a one-shot: things have to happen fast sometimes to advance the plot!)

Without hesitation, things get spicy very quickly as Sayama declares that she’s so glad Togo’s a lesbian, specifically because she’s been watching her since she started at the company, and desperately -and I mean desperately- wants Togo to be only hers.

Oh yeah, and she also wants Togo to be her fuck buddy, which was just like… so great to see in a translated work.

I’m really into seeing modern slang in translations, when it’s appropriate to the era and to the work. While it can date a translation, it also reflects a lively, active translator.

Since this is an OT+/Older Teen doujinshi and not and R18+ title, there’s a fade to black that cuts away from the act entirely. However, when we transition to the next morning, it’s clear that Sayama worked Togo over quite vigorously, enough that Togo remarks that the sex felt amazing.

…before chiding her for sleeping with a colleague, which is a big taboo when it comes to office culture. But hey, it’s okay: Sayama’s not going to be hookin’ up with anyone else. She’s solidly stuck on Togo!

Now… this is where it gets a little messy as this next section introduces the first TW/CW from the top: outting as a joke.

Let me make it clear, just in case you -dear reader- didn’t know this: outting people in any case is never okay. Outting people as a joke -or even joking about that- is super not okay either. It is not up to you when someone opens up or shares a part of them, or if they ever do. Being public about aspects of yourself is a personal choice for each of us: no one gets to decide that for you. 

And while yeah, it’s clearly a joke, as a Queer reader… it kind of chaffed a little bit.

I do think Itsuki -the translator- treated the joke as gently as they could while preserving the original punchline. 

Interestingly, this is played straight in terms of Togo’s reaction: Sayama threatens to out her and she’s instantly frightened because yeah, that’s a big deal. While Sayama’s comment goes unpunished, it’s clear that the story isn’t necessarily okay with Sayama even joking about that. 

Thankfully, this is really the only major hiccup in this one-shot.

The one-shot ends with Sayama ready for another bout of pleasure, which is a pretty suitable end for a one-shot centered around, well, getting it on and getting together. And as this is a one-shot, it’s up to the reader to decide what happens afterwards: my hope is that Sayama calms down a bit and that ultimately, she and Togo get together on a less… comedically uncomfortable basis.

TL;DR: I Want You to Only Love My Body is anothersolid addition to the shakaijin and OL Yuri we’ve gotten recently. I ultimately think suggest picking it up: it’s a funny story, and it’s actually quite sweet, though like I said above, it’s got some hiccups. However, I’m still glad that I spent some time reading this one-shot. I’m always here for more OL and shakaijin stories, and hope that Irodori will invest in more OL love for us office fans.


Plot: 6 / 10
Art: 8 / 10
Characters: 7 / 10

Overall: 7 out of 10

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