Record of a Blerd (Or… I’m gonna start link wrangling on the blog)

So, this is something I’ve been meaning to talk about, but now that I’m doing more writing, it’s become quite pressing.

That’s right: I’m talking about link wrangling.

Lately, I’ve started writing more and more on a variety of platforms. It’s really been quite rewarding: my confidence is slowly increasing as more and more people engage with my content and what I have to say. Words can’t express how thankful I am for everyone who even reads my articles.

I never imagined I’d be a professional writer, but here I am, with over 100 articles to my name. Thankfully, I’m in a position where I get paid, though I’ll admit that I do write for some websites that are volunteer-based. Still, I’ve got articles that I can share, piece of writing that are wholly mine on professional websites. It feels really, really great.

That being said, I’m also written a lot.

While I try to link everything back here to my blog, it’s starting to get a touch unweildy, especially now that I’m doing weekly anime coverage on Fandom Post and, soon, frequent posts on 100 Word Gaming and But Why Tho?. Add in my regular work for Anime Feminist, and… well, you see how I could be viturally covered in links.

Initially, when I first foresaw this happening, I imagined making a newsletter via Substack. But that would mean disclosing my personal address -which is also my professional address- and…I’m just not comfortable with that since that means disclosing my residence.

(Also, I’m very bad at keeping a newsletter.)

So, instead, I’m going to do a (fairly) fortnightly round-up of all my links and whatnot that I’m going to call Record of a Blerd, which -fun fact- was the original name of this blog until I changed it to fit with my username a bit better. At first I thought I’d post monthly, but honestly, that would mean a really long post: fortnightly -every two weeks- works best for me, especially as encouragement to keep on writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas as part of my body of work.

(Plus, I don’t want to try and remember thirty days of writing.)

October’s round-up will come more towards the end of the month, in large part becasue I’m in the middle of (attemptedly) wrapping up on a bunch of blog posts, including my first NSFW doujinshi review which will be an all-ages review for an R18+ comic. Plus, I still have to figure out formatting and whatnot, so…I’d like some time. Let’s say it’ll go up next week.

I’ve also got some other reviews that will be going up on Fandom Post under my author tag. While I won’t/don’t want to give too many details, I will say that I’m covering an OEL manga and two light novels, both of which I’m quite excited about. Hopefully, I’ll read fast and finish those up before the calendar changes.

So, welcome to Record of A Blerd, my way of collecting all that I do into one convenient post. Like I said, it’ll be a (fairly) fortnightly thing: I’ll try to keep as close to that as I can, though some months might be a bit spartan compared to others. Still, I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new addition to the blog: it’ll be great to continue to make things easy to find on here.

If you like what I’ve got to say, want to support my reviews, or just generally want to support my ongoing creative and professional endeavors, please consider buying me a nice cup of Ko-fi or donating to me via PayPal. In the near future, I’ll also be avaliable for essay commissions via Ko-Fi, which will be hosted via my Medium.

Every dollar allows me to sustainably and healthily do the work I love, all while sharing it with you for free. Thank you in advance for your on-going readership and support: it means the world to me.

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