So… I started a podcast.

Well, it’s in the title: I started a podcast. Specifically, I started a podcast about the manga School-Live! with a dear friend of mine, Kit.

So… let’s talk about it.

This idea came about more as a suprise than something planned. In fact, it came about as a conversation Kit and I had. A conversation that I think I might have treated as passing, not realizing that Kit was absolutely serious about us creating what is easily the most enjoyable part of my life thus far, at least in terms of 2021.

(I say this because we just recorded the first few episodes of our podcast yesterday and wow: I had so much fun!)

Truth be told, making a podcast about School-Live! is kind of full circle thing for me and Kit. Our friendship started with a shared interest in the School-Live! live action film, which released in 2019. We had planned, spontaneously, to stream it together. (Something we still need to do, if I’m being honest.) However, one thing led to another which ended up with me guesting on Kit’s main podcast, TomoChoco Podcast, a Yuri podcast for queer people, by queer people.

I guested on their 53rd episode, titled “It’s Kashimashi!”. We chatted about just that: Kashimashi, a five volume sci-fi (lite) Yuri manga with a love triangle. I won’t go into here, but I chose this title because it was heavily influential in my queer awakening. Plus, when given the choice to talk about Yuri… I’m gonna go with a personal favorite.

That being said, this too, led to something: namely, me becoming the TomoChoco podcast editor.

That leads us back to We Are Here: Lessons from the School-Living Club, my brand new podcast. Really, my first podcast since I tend to be a guest more than an actual creator. However, I’m finally stepping into my full millenial glory by… putting something important to me, and good, out into the world.

That’s actually the goal of the podcast: both Kit and I wanted to put something comforting out into the world. We wanted to give hope in a time where hope is a bit hard-scrabble. Actually, that’s why out podcast’s tagline is “Love, Friendship, and Togetherness in the Time of COVID-19”: our friendship and love for one another brought us together to make this.

So… time for me to end this with a bit of promotion. You can follow us on Twitter at @shovelcast, which is where you can find out when we’re posting episodes. Additionally, you can check out our mini-website, which is where transcriptions for each episode will be posted for mobile ease while listening.

Our goal is to post transcriptions either the same day the episode drops, or pretty shortly after it does. After all, putting good into the world also means holding ourselves to a high standard, and we want all our club members to be able to engage with the podcast in the way they need.

I think I speak for both us when I say thank you to anyone who reads this, follows our podcast, and even gives it a listen. I can’t wait to continue putting good out into the world, and hope that you’ll find yourself doing the same -whether as a podcast or some other sort of media- too.

See you next post!

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