Record of A Blerd: April 2021 Edition

Can you believe that tomorrow is May? I certainly can’t! It feels like April zipped by, and in many ways it did. This April was particularly busy for me, in large part because I’m wrapping on a text-heavy otome game, and have had a pleasant uptick in writing. I also debuted on the Anime News Network as a member of the daily streaming review team and a journalist as well.

That all said, let’s get into what I’ve done in April!

On Anime Feminist (AniFem)

This season kicked off the Spring 2021 anime season, which means lots of episode 1 premiere reviews

Koikimo – Adult man meets literal teenage girl win a show so full of red flags that whatever good exists is obscured by predatory behavior and a lack of awareness. (CW: Sexualization of minors, Ephebophilia, stalking)

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway – Adult man meets teenage girl and makes the right choice to remind her that he’s an adult when he let’s her crash at his apartment in a premiere that has the potential to be more than the sum of its parts thus far… if it rises to the occasion. (CW: Sexualization of minors, Partial underage nudity as fanservice)

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! – A “comedy” isekai that spends too much time sexualizing every female character on the screen save for the deuteragonist, and ultimately, is a bit too slapdash in its execution. (CW: Fanservice, and lots of it!)

SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION: Hero Successor – Fantasy and myth meet in an uninspired premiere that feels like a Tales of adaptation without the slick polish of that franchise. (CW: Fantasy gore, Body Horror)

Super Cub – A thoughtful show about a girl and her new motorbike that touches on the intense loneliness of simply existing instead of truly living.

Don’t Toy With Me, Mis Nagatoro! – A rom-com that’s light on the romance, light on the comedy, but heavy on bullying and “teasing”, which just feels like more bullying. It might have potential to grow the plot in later episodes, but between the unnamed MC crying in episode 1 and his tormentor constantly being in his face, it’s none too certain. (CW: Bullying, Humiliation)

Blue Reflection Ray – A somewhat boring premiere that’s dull until it’s not that might appeal to fans of the genre looking for a slower pace show that might potentially become a bit more exciting.

BACKFLIP!! – An earnest premiere that centers joy and the sport of men’s rhythmic gymnastics.

Pretty Boy Detective ClubCLAMP School Detectives meets Monogatari in this premiere about a group of rich, middle school detectives who cause more problems than they do solve cases. Warnings for member Hyouta, whose legs are a regular topic of discussion in episode 1, especially when the camera needs something to leer at. (CW: Fanservice of AMAD middle schoolers)

Yasuke – the Black, SFF historical anime we all needed, but didn’t expect to get in such a gorgeously animated package.

I also joined in on the Anime Feminist Recommendations of Winter 2021, in which I recommend Idoly Pride, which I really, really love. And now that most series are at episode 3 or 4, I’m chiming in on our Spring 2021 Three-Episode Check-In to tell you a bit about TWEWY the Animation and Fairy Ranmaru.

On But Why Tho? (BWT):

I concluded my time with Spring 2021’s Idoly Pride with one finale review for ‘Idoly Pride,’ Episode 12 – “The Story That Begins With Goodbye. I also wrapped up Wonder Egg Priority… for now, as it’ll get a special 13th episode in June. Look forward to that review!

I’m continueing my ongoing coverage of Tropical-Rouge PreCure with reviews of episode 5, episode 6, and episode 7.

I kicked off the Spring 2021 season with a review of Super Cub episode 1 and The World Ends With You the Animation (TWEWY the Animation). Super Cub and TWEWY the Animation will be seasonal reviews for But Why Tho. I’ll be covering Pretty Boy Detective Club (episode 1 & episode 2)and Let’s Make a Mug Too (episode 1 & episode 2) on a weekly basis, along with Tropical-Rogue.

In terms of manga, I reviewed Pokemon Adventures Collector’s Edition Volume 6, and hope to review Volume 7 soon.

In terms of books, I reviewed Yen Press’ Yokohama Station SF and Viz Media’s Ask Iwata.

I also reviewed two video games on the Nintendo Switch: The House in Fata Morgana and the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack. Last month, I reviewed Playism’s GNOSIA, which is still on my mind after nearly two months.

On the Anime News Network (ANN):

I debuted on ANN as a member of the daily streaming team, and honestly, it’s a joy to be a part of such a dynamic team! This Spring 2021 anime season, I’ll be covering So I’m a Spider, So What?‘s second cour (episode 13 on), The World Ends With You the Animation, and Super Cub.

I also had the joy of penning a feature on Zombie Land Saga aplty titled ‘Zombie Land Saga: Idol Anime For Non-Idol Fans’. In it, I talk about why I think ZLS appears to fans who aren’t already invested in Japanese idol culture. Give it a read and feel free to leave a comment here on the blog.

I also had the honor of interviewing director LeSean Thomas about Yasuke, a brand new Netflix Original anime that debuted on April 29, 2021. I also did the review of Yasuke for ANN, which you can read now!


Behind the scenes, I’ve done some recording for future Chatty AF episodes. However, this month, I’m talking about Angelic Layer, and thankfully, you can listened to two episodes with me chatting with my fellow AniFem staff members about the anime!

Chatty AF 136: Angelic Layer Watchalong – Episodes 1-7 (With Transcript); technically this released on 3/28, but… close enough to April to count!

Chatty AF 138: Angelic Layer Watchalong – Episodes 8-13


I’ve become more active on my Instagram again, which is nice. Right now, I’m just enjoying sharing my life as an official freelancing Blerd. I’m also currently in the process of revamping my Ko-Fi to including monthly subscriptions. That’s also where my series “Comfort Food: Food Positivity in Resturant to Another World” will go, as well as on my free substack. Monthly subscribers will get some extra articles and access to a few neat things, though it’s all in the works and definietly plans for Summer 2021 versus right now.

I think that pretty much wraps up April! It’s been a busy month, but very worth it. I look forward to sharing everything I’ve done in May with you in another thirty some-odd days. For now… catch you next month!

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