May 25, 2021

I’m trying this… radical new thing: blogging more often, or at least, blogging about my life and work mroe than once and a blue moon. Radical, I know, but it’s big for me.

After all, that’s why I created this blog, to share my trials and tribulations, my victories and missteps: all the things that shape my life as a freelancer. I also meant it to be a repository of all my work, but… I also intended this to be a diary of sorts: thoughts on digital paper about my day to day life as a freelancer working with localization.

I can’t promise daily blogs because honestly, I have very limited useable hours in my day, nor do I typically have enough energy to do anything on a daily basis: not unless it’s a project or something already planned as such. Honestly, that’s partially why I’m shocked that I have a successful freelancing career as a journalist. I’ve always had low usable hours, though I manipulate them just so to fit into the 8 a day, 40 hours a week work week that we all endure. Still, that saps me like nothing else, and often means that I don’t create in the same capacity.

In general, and especially since the start of the pandemic, my usable hours have decreased to, at most six a day. Six hours where I can be incredibly active, incredibly focused, then… nothing. Realistically, that’s two hours short of the capitalist work day which pulls a minimum of eight, though it really craves ten to twelve, which I just can’t offer up due to my mental health and chronic pain. At most, I can scrounge up the full eight, but it leaves me drained on the weekends, and

Yet life is different for me these days, and I find myself really, truly yearning to write more frequently, especially since I’m now a successful localization editor, J-E manga QA and proofreader, and -like I said- a proper journalist. I find myself needing things to write about that aren’t work, especially since the bulk of my work is either reading writing or writing writing. You get what I mean.

I’m not sure what these posts will look like other than my classic rambling style. I think I’m at my best when I allow my personal blog posts to meander. It’s kind of the same as when I podcast: I’m at my best when I stop myself from overthinking, when I let myself -rather, my true thoughts and nature- shine through. Those moments almost always result in some of my best content. And honestly, that’s largely how I learned how to blog: it’s how I ran my Tumblr for years, and it’s how I tend to tweet. I’m very stream on consciousness, when I’m comfortable, and I want this blog to be a space where I can be comfortable.

I’m tired now, and it’s already 22:30. I feel like there’s more I want to say, but my desire to read an eBook on my Kindle Oasis -and to maybe listen to a podcast or force myself to lay in bed and mull over my calendar for Wednesday. Probably, I’ll read for ten minutes at most then fall asleep on my Kindle. Thank goodness it’s in a case and also, metal. For now, I’m logging off. I think I want to blog again tomorrow with some pretty big updates from the past month. That sounds like a nice way to get my brain warmed up in the morning, once I have the house to myself.

So… goodnight, dear reader. See you next post.

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