May 26, 2021

Music of the Day: Brave Girls (브레이브걸스) – We Ride (운전만해)

At the time of writing this post, it’s midday, and all I can think about is eating leftover Mexican chicken from Sunday, which I hope is still good. It should be… right? (I’m going to eat it anyway.)

Today is another cloudy day, though not as much as previous days have been in North Texas. It seems that the past month has been filled with rainy days: days where the rain pounds the roof, where the wind sweeps through the trees and streals branches away before dumping them on the ground. It’s been weeks of that, so having a bit of humid sunshine feels like a treat.

Truth be told, I’m fond of days like this, especially when they land on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because I’m fond of Wednesday, a day that marks halfway through the week with a quiet nudging. This Wednesday, I find myself a bit stressed despite being glad it’s here. Sometimes, that’s just how it is.

I woke up to emails: jobs from clients, private DMs, updates on my upcoming relocation to Kagoshima, which has been pushed to July rather than June. (A relief, since my paperwork just made it to Japan.) It’s all things I was expecting, and markers that yes, I am capable of freelancing, though I look forward to health insurance and savings once I’m back with gainful employment this Summer. Plus, I’m just genuinely excited to return to teaching and to living in Japan, all things considered.

Outside of that, I have a lot to do today: a Japanese class to plan for, articles to draft, reviews to get done, and a whole mess of other tasks, including copious mountains of emails since emails never end. Still, I’d like to pat myself on the back for completing a review of Winter 2021’s I-Chu, an anime that I should have liked, but ultimately, feel very little towards. I also took a stretch break, which is new for me, but good for my back and hands. In fact, as my hunger grows, I sense the need to sit in the recliner for lunch versus at my desk.

(Oh, and I also fixed another gameboy, though it’ll need a bit more TLC once I do my final move this year.)

Overall, it’s a good day. My stomach is rumbling, and while I don’t have much to say this blog, it feels good to ramble a bit. Post-Lunch, it’ll be me, my Switch Lite, and World End Club‘s demo, which I’m reviewing for a site. After that? Probably the newest episode of Super Cub so I can get my review in early, as well as a bit more catching up because work is never truly done, huh?

But for now… chicken that’s hopefully still good. Updates on that next post.

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