The aquatope on white sand – Episode 7 (ANN)

I’ve come to realize that aquatope is at its strongest when it’s cozy and soothing, and when the sound design digs into As a devout yurijin, I can’t help but sigh (sapphicly, of course, because I must be extra) at the notion of seeing Fuuka and Kukuru get a “sisters for life” ending. Of course, this is preempting an entire cour and a half of material: I’m still sticking to my Twitter prediction that this cour will end in September (in show and I guess, IRL until like… Autumn 2021) and then pick up years later in the second cour when Kukuru and Fuuka and are older, wiser, and gayer than ever. But… that’s just a theory: an anime theory, and one that I’m definitely sticking to even with. 

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