ICYMI: Feminism and Diversity in Anime (ft. Mercedez Clewis)

Ionatan and Ravi are joined by Mercedez Clewis, a contributing writer and journalist for sites like Anime News Network, Japanese to English translation and localization editor, and staff editor at Anime Feminist, to discuss feminism and diversity in anime. They talk about Mercedez’s time living in Fukushima and transition into anime journalism, and then break down how to think about anime through a feminist lens.

I am so, so honored that I got to spend time chatting with Ionatan & Ravi in late July (when we recorded) for this episode. It was a blast, and I really felt wonderful talking about my work as a Black Feminist and a proper Anime Feminist as well!

Listen to Feminism and Diversity in Anime (ft. Mercedez Clewis) here.

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