The aquatope on white sand – Episode 24 / Season Finale (ANN)

Episode 24 comes full circle on The aquatope on white sand’s narrative, depicting a story about community, communal care, and love. The latter is especially true in this series: aquatope is a series about love, whether or not that takes the form of queer platonic romance. Much like Korrasami, a queer romance that was quite formative for me, aquatope’s final moments feels impactful and earned: like the build up of a season’s worth of effort. The romantic plot with Kai gone, and instead… we see two young women who love each other on a multitude of levels continuing to love each other, even if that’s necessarily confirmed. I think that’s the beauty of the story we’ve been presented: at base, it truly is about love in all its forms. Readings can occur around that, but the story is still a passionate one with two girls finding their hearts and dreams through being kind to the other.

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