JP-EN TL / Loc Editor・QA・Reviewer / Pop Culture Critic / Journalist

Mercedez Clewis (she・they) is a Japanese to English translation and localization Editor, as well as a Manga and Doujinshi QA and Proofreader. She has experience working with Boys’ Love, fantasy and isekai, and otome games editing in particular, and has demonstrated an eagerness to do more work with genres that center a primarily female-audience, in terms of consumers.

Mercedez has a distinct passion for Boys’ Love and LGBTQAI+ media, as well as editing in general. A point of pride, in regards to their localization work, is an attentiveness to readability and accessibility, both for readers with a knowledge of Japan and consumers who may be new to Japanese pop culture media. Additionally, Mercedez strives to retain the spirit of the Japanese source text while also demonstrating a keen understanding of English grammar and syntax through characterization and witty, but accurate, American English localization.

In addition to her work with Japanese translation and localization, Mercedez is also a freelance journalist and pop culture critic. You can find her writing at Siliconera, But Why Tho?, and Anime Feminist, where Mercedez serves as a Staff Editor and as a member of the Chatty AF Podcast.

Currently, Mercedez is based in Dallas, Texas. However, as of July 2021, she will be returning to Japane to continue her work as a Second Language Educator in Kagoshima Prefecture. After working as a JET Program ALT in Fukushima City, Fukushima, Mercedez is eager to return to teaching English in Japan, though she plans to continue her work as a freelancer and looks forward to the day that she is working in-house and doing localization editing on a larger scale.