The aquatope on white sand – Episode 14 (ANN)

On the other hand, Kai is also growing into a different role: that of being Kukuru’s potential romantic partner. It’s something that was definitely hinted at in the first half of the series, but is much more prominent here, especially towards the end of the episode. The music leans in hard on pitching them as the series’ lead partnership, and it wants you and I as viewers to do the same. Will it “pay off”? I don’t know. I don’t actually know if The aquatope on white sand will have any romance. I’m kind of hoping that it won’t, and will instead just let everyone be friends and lean on that as a catalyst for their own individual development.

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The aquatope on white sand – Episode 14 (ANN)

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting Fuuka to be reunited with Kukuru this soon – I had envisioned spending an episode or two with her back in Tokyo before her return. Still, having her back this soon, but with her and Kukuru’s workplace roles flipped, is interesting. Fuuka and Kukuru are now competent young women, but as this episode shows, they clearly need each other’s support to grow in their careers.

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Review: Dragon Goes House-Hunting (ANN)

It’s like if Ebby Halliday got isekai’d into Dragon Quest (or maybe, since I’ve never played Dragon QuestEtrian Odyssey, which is much more my speed). What I’m getting at is that while this might not be the anime equivalent of a AAA title, it’s fun, and sometimes fun is what you need. Dragon Goes House-Hunting understands that to its core.

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