(A Late) September 2020 Mid-Month Check-In.

Hey there, dear reader. How are you holding up? How has your September been?

More and more, I feel like that’s the best question to ask: how are you holding up feels like the tone for the rest of this year. In many ways, I often want to ask, “How are you surviving?” but that feels strangely dire. So instead I’ll ask, “How are you holding up? How are you thriving, even right now?”

I intended to write this before Summer gave it’s last gasp, but today, September 22 – and suitably, on the Autumn Equinox- it’s a rainy day: the skies are grey, the rain is pounding on the tin roof over the patio, I’ve got a cup of tea, and it’s cold enough for me to double up on fleece blankets.

Essentially, it’s my kind of day.

Still, it’s never too late to talk about how thing have been. So… let’s see how the final month of Summer went for me.

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