Record of A Blerd: April 2021 Edition

Can you believe that tomorrow is May? I certainly can’t! It feels like April zipped by, and in many ways it did. This April was particularly busy for me, in large part because I’m wrapping on a text-heavy otome game, and have had a pleasant uptick in writing. I also debuted on the Anime News Network as a member of the daily streaming review team and a journalist as well.

That all said, let’s get into what I’ve done in April!

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Record of A Blerd: October 2020 Edition

Happy Halloween! I’d like to welcome you to the first edition of Record of A Blerd on this candy-ladden holiday. Whether you’re munching on treats, up to playing tricks, or are already into the month of November, I’m glad you’re here for my fairly fortnightly link-wrangling post.

This month marks a major change for me as I became quite busy. The Fall 2020 anime season kicked off with an almost overwhelming amount of new series, which meant that my work at Anime Feminist also picked up.

Additionally, I’ve been working hard behind to scenes to land some new contracts, including a few with different JP-EN publishers and localizers. Safe to say I’ve been hard at work editing and QA’ing just about everything I can.

As a note, future link-wrangling posts will come out pretty much every two weeks. In fact, you can expect the next post to come sometime around November 15th. For now, let’s get into the month of October, and see what all there is to wrangle!

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