Review: Koikimo (ANN)

Koikimo (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

I’m not saying that there is a problem with watching the show and liking it. I think there is a difference between liking a show and condoning what it represents: you can like something and still have your own, informed opinion. At the end of the day, this just wasn’t a series for me, and my opinion certainly isn’t the end all be all: media is subjective, problematic faves exist, and if this is yours, it’s neither my place nor my intent to judge you for it.

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Remake Our Life! – Episode 8 (ANN)

Episode 8 threw me for a loop, and even on my seventh rewrite of this review, I’m still not sure what I’m trying to say. What I will say is that I think this episode was powerful, even if it left me feeling muddled, and threw a plot wrench into the mix. I genuinely have no clue how things are going to resolve since I’m an anime-only viewer with no interest in the fan translations, should they exist. There’s something powerful about not knowing anything: I… I kind of like being tugged along for the ride.

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Review: Let’s Make a Mug Too (ANN)

In the end, I suppose that’s the power of the slice-of-life genre, as well as the appeal of simple, but enjoyable anime. Let’s Make a Mug Too isn’t particularly beautiful: there were a few moments that made me gasp, but for the most part, it has pretty average animation and art, though it’s all done really well, if you catch my drift. I’ll also say that honestly, Let’s Make a Mug Too has fairly generic background music, though the OP and ED go hard, and definitely make you want to go throw clay. I still frequently catch myself humming Tobira o Aketara (Open the Door), which is sung by the Pottery Quartet, because it’s such an earworm of a do-it-yourself song.

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Advanced Review: Life of Melody by Mari Costa (Seven Seas + Hiveworks)

Life of Melody

What’s The Story?
When Razzmatazz, a snazzy fairy godfather, and Bon, a burly beast-man, find a human child in the woods, they decide to co-parent the mortal babe… at least for now. What they don’t expect is love: love for their brand-new human charge, love for caretaking, and a blooming love between them both. Will this fantastical found family become a true family, or will love fail to come full circle?

Reviewer’s Note: I received a review copy of Life of Melody as part of my work for ANN. However, as Life of Melody is an OEL/American graphic novel, I was unable to publish the review there. However, I was given permission to publish my review elsewhere, so it’s found a home on my blog. All reviews are spoiler-free and image-free. Opinions are my own.

Life of Melody is a full-color, LGBTQ+/queer graphic novel published, initially, as a webcomic via Hiveworks and now, as part of the Seven Seas + Hiveworks lineup.

The story centers around odd couple Razzmatazz (i.e. Raj) and Bon (i.e. Lancelot) as they raise a little human foundling in a town full of magic, trees, and a very pretty lake. We follow their adventures with their found daughter Melody across the years, witnessing the growth of their partnership from barely cohabitating to something more.

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Kageki Shojo!! – Episode 9 (ANN)

There’s this tension between the twins, which is something I kind of picked up on in episode 6, waaaaaay back before summer vacation. It only gets worse when Chika is mistaken for Chiaki, and when we get the backstory on the tension between Chika and Chiaki concerning their previous attempts to both get into Kouka. This tension is, of course, broken by Sarasa stepping in, but it isn’t resolved, which is really what stayed at the forefront of my mind this episode.

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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated – Episode 4 (ANN)

In the premiere, Jahy came off as a screaming child, and while she still gets a bit screechy when she’s angry, the show’s Jahy is officially good, and I can no longer ignore how excited I am to watch this series every week. I’m excited enough that I’m picking up the manga so I can start adding some additional context to my reviews, because I really want to give The Great Jahy my best effort. The Magnificent Saurva has this buckwild chunni energy that has me ride or die for this series. (And Druj: I’ll never stop loving my gothic lolita turned twenty-something OL demoness. We stan a cutie.)

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ICYMI: Let’s Talk – Manga Translation & Localization with But Why Tho? (Let’s Talk Series)

Last month, on July 28, I had the honor of being in conversation with Olive the Manga Reader, David Evelyn, CMonster, and Jenny McKeon about J-E manga translation & localization. The videos are now avaliable from But Why Tho’s Youtube Channel, so I thought I’d share them with you, for posterity, and just in case you want to revisit them!

Part 1 of Our Conversation:

Part 2 of Our Conversation:

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Chatty AF 146: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rewatchalong – Episodes 7-12 — Anime Feminist

Madoka and Homura hugging in a shapeless sparkle void, both naked in that nondescript 90s shoujo way

Vrai, Mercedez, and Alex return for the 2nd half of Madoka to talk about Madoka’s character arc, the aggravating entropy twist, and how the TV finale still resonates.

Chatty AF 146: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rewatchalong – Episodes 7-12 — Anime Feminist

The aquatope on white sand – Episode 8 (ANN)

It feels like there’s a different momentum in episode 8, which is nice: there’s still no sign of magical realism, but I’m starting to be okay with putting that aside until it kicks in hard. I know I’ve continually asked for more of it in past reviews, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with just letting aquatope do its thing. If that means the Kijimuna (the little fish-eating god, for reference) factors in more later down the line, then so be it. If not, it wouldn’t change the fact that The aquatope on white sand is still a really good show to me. So much of this show’s heart is in Fuuka and Kukuru and Kai and Kuuya and their entire community: that’s what’s keeping me coming back week to week, in the end.

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The aquatope on white sand – Episode 7 (ANN)

I’ve come to realize that aquatope is at its strongest when it’s cozy and soothing, and when the sound design digs into As a devout yurijin, I can’t help but sigh (sapphicly, of course, because I must be extra) at the notion of seeing Fuuka and Kukuru get a “sisters for life” ending. Of course, this is preempting an entire cour and a half of material: I’m still sticking to my Twitter prediction that this cour will end in September (in show and I guess, IRL until like… Autumn 2021) and then pick up years later in the second cour when Kukuru and Fuuka and are older, wiser, and gayer than ever. But… that’s just a theory: an anime theory, and one that I’m definitely sticking to even with. 

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