Kakegurui: Twin – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Kakegurui: Twin gives a standalone prequel story to Saotome Mary that welcomes newcomers and old fans alike with a story that feels just as fresh and fun as the main series, as well as some of its same problems.

Kakegurui: Twin – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

RWBY: Ice Queendom – Episodes 1-3 — Anime Feminist

A stunning, action packed three-episode premiere that welcomes fans int he know with welcome arms, but risks isolating newcomers with no prior knowledge of the series.

RWBY: Ice Queendom – Episodes 1-3 — Anime Feminist

Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Blade Runner: Black Lotus offers up a gorgeous premiere that has a somewhat go-nowhere premiere filled with tidbits that built the world, but don’t feel compelling.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

VISUAL PRISON – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Embrace the darkness, entities of the night: Visual Prison is all fangs, a few bites, and loads of visual-kei idol boys, all mashed together into a premiere that certainly has appeal, but definitely not in the plot department.

VISUAL PRISON – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

The World End With You the Animation (TWEWY the Animation) – Episode 12 / Season Finale (ANN)

TWEWY the Animation has been one hell of a ride, going from one of the season’s weakest premieres to a strong, emotional finale. And as I sniffled my way to the end of the ED, I found myself really happy I got to cover this series, both as a critic and as a fan of TWEWY as well. Realistically, this adaptation won’t be for everyone. I’m 100% sure there’s fans who dropped off hard in episode 3. Yet I think that this is one of the most solid video game adaptations in recent years: certainly in the past decade, though… don’t get too mad at me for saying that.

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