Looking Ahead: 2023 Resolutions, Anime & Manga Edition

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is drawing to an end: we’ve got nine days before the year rolls over into 1/1/2023, and honestly, I’m ready. I’ve done a lot of good work, weathered a lot of difficult situations, and now, I’m just hours away from a two-week vacation. It feels good to be at this point in the year: I’m ready for a break from work and a whole lot of crafting.

That said, I’m also looking toward the new year, and that means resolutions–and I don’t mean things like losing weight or going on a diet, which are fine for others, but not a part of my body positivity-forward feminism. No, my resolutions are going to be media-based, and will hopefully allow me to have some structured creativity, which is something I’m sorely in need of.

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July 8, 2021

Today is another hot, humid day in Texas, which seems like the way this year’s just gonna go. It’s hot, hotter than it’s ever been: the kind of hot that makes you hid inside with all the windows closed, every single ceiling fan on at least the mid-level so it moves the air, and all the blinds closed. It’s the kind of hot that makes me crave shaved ice, heaped in a styrofoam

It’s also the day after tanabata, a day that had my mind back in Sendai in 2016, a scant week and a half after I arrived in Japan, and more specifically: in Fukushima.

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Record of A Blerd: April 2021 Edition

Can you believe that tomorrow is May? I certainly can’t! It feels like April zipped by, and in many ways it did. This April was particularly busy for me, in large part because I’m wrapping on a text-heavy otome game, and have had a pleasant uptick in writing. I also debuted on the Anime News Network as a member of the daily streaming review team and a journalist as well.

That all said, let’s get into what I’ve done in April!

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Introducing Project Comfort Food

In November, I started thinking about Junpei Inazuka’s Resturant to Another World novel series and what it means to love food and celebrate meals.

Now, it’s the final day of the year, and I’m proud to present Comfort Food: Food Positivity in Resturant to Another World, my 2021 writing project.

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