Phantom of the Idol – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Much like ghosts, you’ll either believe in Phantom of the Idol or you’ll ignore it ratling around in the background due to its pretty okay premiere that, while not polarizing, doesn’t wow like some of Summer 2022’s other options.

Phantom of the Idol – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

What Is Idol Anime? (Anime News Network)

When you hear the phrase “Idol Anime”, what do you think? From my perspective, you probably think of a combination of three things: high pitched voices, AKB48, and lots and lots of dancing. And… you’re not exactly wrong, but thinking of idol anime in that way limits the genre. So let us explain What Is Idol Anime…

If you want to enjoy this interview on the go or use text-based media, you can also enjoy my article about what exactlyt idol anime is here on the Anime News Network.

Review: Dropout Idol Fruit Tart (ANN)

Ochikobore Fruit Tart (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Fruit Tart misses the mark for a number of reasons. The most prominent is that the show leans heavily on “yuri” humor as a source of comedy. Except… it’s not funny. The punchline is always “ew, you can’t really like girls” or some deviation of that never succeeded in making me laugh. In fact, I don’t think I laughed more than a handful of times throughout my watch, which isn’t good for a series that’s explicitly a comedy.

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VISUAL PRISON – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Embrace the darkness, entities of the night: Visual Prison is all fangs, a few bites, and loads of visual-kei idol boys, all mashed together into a premiere that certainly has appeal, but definitely not in the plot department.

VISUAL PRISON – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Selection Project – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Come for the idols, stay for the idols because Selection Project is wholly a show about idols, and while things don’t completely go to plan for protag Suzune, the premiere had a lot of building blocks that hint at a dynamic series… if it can stick the landing.

Selection Project – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Review: Idoly Pride (ANN)

I’ll admit that initially, I had my misgivings, painting this as a potential 22/7-esque idol anime. I was put off my Mana being shifted to the forefront, and wasn’t sure how the show would wrangle ten idols across two units. I was expecting little more than a perfectly average idol show.

I was absolutely wrong.

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Review: I★CHU: Halfway Through The Idol (ANN)

I-Chu has the potential to be more than the sum of its parts, but failed to capitalize on it and ended up largely forgettable as a result. Unlike HYPNOSIS MIC or Ensemble Stars!I-Chu lacks that final spark to make it genuinely engaging or distinctive. Instead, it’s often a slog of a watch despite its solid animation, which is a shame given how rare all-male idol anime are compared to their all-female counterparts.

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