25 Days Of Manga (Or, Looks Like I’m Joining A Thing)

Note: The banner image that’s been chosen for the feature is the official 25 Days of Manga banner. I do not own this image, nor do I claim any ownership of it. Instead, I encourage you to go and support the official Twitter, and maybe -after reading this post- consider joining in either (or both) Instagram and Twitter.

The middle of November is always a hard time for me. The sun comes up later, sets earlier, and is generally not as bright as even a month ago. The skies are cloudy, rain comes more frequently, and in general, the colors of autumn begin to fade into the drab shades of a wet Winter.

This year is no exception, though that might also be an understatement. With the on-going American COVID pandemic -and rising numbers- I’ve felt increasingly anxious about going out to the shops, even when it’s necessary. It’s compounded my anxiety into a tight knot that sits heavy in my stomach, even as I work.

On top of that, my struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are starting to make themselves known as the the holiday cheer start to become a bit less bright. I can already feel how hard mornings are: getting out of bed is becoming physically hard. My sleep cycle is complete off. I get tired far earlier and have fewer usable hours than before.

Basically, SAD is really starting to affect my life in a way that’s incredibly unhelpful.

So this year, since my holly isn’t so jolly, I’ve decided that I’ll be doing something to assist: joining the 25 Days of Manga read-a-thon.

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