REVIEW: ‘Sachi’s Monstrous Appetite,’ Volume 1 — But Why Tho? A Geek Community

Sachi’s Monstrous Appetite Volume 1 has human boy meet monster girl in a cute, food-ladden series filled with lots of monsters and possible, a bit of love.

REVIEW: ‘Sachi’s Monstrous Appetite,’ Volume 1 — But Why Tho? A Geek Community

REVIEW: ‘The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes’ Volume 1

Fans of Komi Can’t Communicate will feel right at home with Amane. I also think there’s some crossover appeal for fans of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan. Even if you’ve never engaged with either of those works, there’s definitely something here for every kind of fan, especially those who really vibe with the shoujo genre in general.

REVIEW: ‘The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes’ Volume 1 – But Why Tho?

REVIEW: ‘Inside Mari’ Volume 1

Inside Mari Volume 1 is a really strong first volume in a series that’s haunting, discomforting, and curious all the same. I have no clue where this story will go, though I’m eager to pick up volume 2 and get current with the series. Isao and Mari’s body switch, as well as the mystery of why it happened, is an intriguing hook that will keep fans of mystery and drama eagerly waiting to see how things unfold.

REVIEW: ‘Inside Mari’ Volume 1 – But Why Tho?

Revisiting Dramacon.

Today is Sunday, Septmeber 6, and it’s almost up to 91 F / 32 C outside, which… means I’m solidly staying inside. Still, even with the last bellows of an incredibly hot summer, it’s still a rather nice afternoon that will most lead into a rather nice evening.

So how am I choosing to spend my personal time? Well… I’m slowly working on drafting an article about TokyoPop’s biggested OEL (Original English Language) manga series, Dramacon.

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