Advanced Review: Life of Melody by Mari Costa (Seven Seas + Hiveworks)

Life of Melody

What’s The Story?
When Razzmatazz, a snazzy fairy godfather, and Bon, a burly beast-man, find a human child in the woods, they decide to co-parent the mortal babe… at least for now. What they don’t expect is love: love for their brand-new human charge, love for caretaking, and a blooming love between them both. Will this fantastical found family become a true family, or will love fail to come full circle?

Reviewer’s Note: I received a review copy of Life of Melody as part of my work for ANN. However, as Life of Melody is an OEL/American graphic novel, I was unable to publish the review there. However, I was given permission to publish my review elsewhere, so it’s found a home on my blog. All reviews are spoiler-free and image-free. Opinions are my own.

Life of Melody is a full-color, LGBTQ+/queer graphic novel published, initially, as a webcomic via Hiveworks and now, as part of the Seven Seas + Hiveworks lineup.

The story centers around odd couple Razzmatazz (i.e. Raj) and Bon (i.e. Lancelot) as they raise a little human foundling in a town full of magic, trees, and a very pretty lake. We follow their adventures with their found daughter Melody across the years, witnessing the growth of their partnership from barely cohabitating to something more.

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Revisiting Dramacon.

Today is Sunday, Septmeber 6, and it’s almost up to 91 F / 32 C outside, which… means I’m solidly staying inside. Still, even with the last bellows of an incredibly hot summer, it’s still a rather nice afternoon that will most lead into a rather nice evening.

So how am I choosing to spend my personal time? Well… I’m slowly working on drafting an article about TokyoPop’s biggested OEL (Original English Language) manga series, Dramacon.

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