ICYMI: Let’s Talk – Manga Translation & Localization with But Why Tho? (Let’s Talk Series)

Last month, on July 28, I had the honor of being in conversation with Olive the Manga Reader, David Evelyn, CMonster, and Jenny McKeon about J-E manga translation & localization. The videos are now avaliable from But Why Tho’s Youtube Channel, so I thought I’d share them with you, for posterity, and just in case you want to revisit them!

Part 1 of Our Conversation:

Part 2 of Our Conversation:

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Let’s Talk Manga Localization with But Why Tho?

Couldn’t catch the stream? Missed a part or two? Well, you can catch the stream on But Why Tho’s Twitch account by clicking the link!

Anime Expo Lite 2021: Child of Kamiari Month Film First Look (ANN)

In many ways Child of Kamiari Month feels like a love letter to being a child and moving through grief, as well as to the innate desire for adventure and wonder within all of us. This sentiment was even voiced by Suwa, Shinohe, and Oshia, all of whom hope that viewers will find their stride as we weather the pandemic. In the end, Child of Kamiari Month is certainly a film to keep an eye on ahead of its release. Doubly so for fans looking to see a different slice of Japan that’s not Tokyo or Kyoto. Curious attendants—and readers—can expect an international release of Cretica Universal’s newest film later in 2021.

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