Introducing the Community Queer Pride Flag, made by a Queer for every Queer

So many of my best thoughts have start with a tweet thread: the creation of this flag is no different, spawned from early morning musings on November, 22, 2022.

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My Alcoholic Escape from Reality (ANN)

I think it’s safe to say that Booty Royale isn’t trying to tell a dynamic story – it’s just trying to have fun. It’s more sex than story, more comedy than serious drama, and certainly more porn than plot. Don’t come to this series expecting one girl’s rags to riches story: Misora’s desire to sing gets quickly shifted to her just doing odd jobs and hustling using her bodacious assets, so it’s best to temper your expectations going in.

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My Alcoholic Escape from Reality (ANN)

There’s this intimacy that permeates every moment you spend with her as a reader, and closing the book feels like I’m pulling the curtain back from a peek into a person’s life after getting to swim through their memories. And while there’s lots of genuinely relatable humor, there’s also a lot of tangible pain here on these pages, all illustrated in Nagata Kabi’s evocative, unique art style, with a slick persimmon orange screentone that adds a certain oomph to this volume.

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