Management of a Novice Alchemist – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Management of Novice Alchemist is a slow paced premiere sure to draw in the Atelier video game crowd but… maybe only the Atelier video game crowd, at least right now.

Management of a Novice Alchemist – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Kakegurui: Twin – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

Kakegurui: Twin gives a standalone prequel story to Saotome Mary that welcomes newcomers and old fans alike with a story that feels just as fresh and fun as the main series, as well as some of its same problems.

Kakegurui: Twin – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

SPRIGGAN – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist

SPRIGGAN offers a blast from the past with all its foibles, ranging from toeing the line with anti-semetism to engaging in some of the Cold War’s stereotypes and its source material’s plot weakness, with some degree of style and a lot of gore.

SPRIGGAN – Episode 1 — Anime Feminist