Introducing Project Comfort Food

In November, I started thinking about Junpei Inazuka’s Resturant to Another World novel series and what it means to love food and celebrate meals.

Now, it’s the final day of the year, and I’m proud to present Comfort Food: Food Positivity in Resturant to Another World, my 2021 writing project.

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Getting my groove back. (Or, I think I found my next thing.)

This month, I wrapped on my first two transcription projects: a 34-page transcript for AnimeFeminist’s podcast Chatty AF, and a 37-page, 14k+ word transcript for Okazu Yuri.

And I have to tell you: I really, really loved transcribing!

(And yes, I’m going to be getting myself a treat or two because… hey, I did a lot of really, really good work! I think I’ll be going with a new visual novel for my Switch and maybe some ice cream.)

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