The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated – Episode 3 (ANN)

In the premiere, Jahy came off as a screaming child, and while she still gets a bit screechy when she’s angry, the show’s humor is leaning less on her child form and more on just how much of an actual disaster Jahy really is. This, specifically, is what made me like episode 3: the dissonance that comes from watching a once-powerful demon struggling to make it as a functioning member of a very mundane society. It makes for really funny, faux dramatic moments where Druj assumes something magical has happened, Jahy riffs on that, and reveals that, of course, it was something absolutely mundane. This change is immediately endearing, and really has me in Jahy’s corner. She’s so utterly pitiful that I kinda can’t help but root for her..

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