October 22, 2020

So, I’m opening my Ko-Fi up for essay commissions.

I never imagined that I’d be typing that sentence: I didn’t foresee a future where I’d be a developed enough writer to even consider the notion that someone might want to buy my thoughts and words.

Then again, I didn’t imagine a lot of this year. I started 2020 off as an Assistant Language Teacher with hopes of maybe doing translation one day. That soon tumbled into my translating video game news, which spun into me joining Anime Feminist, which became the gateway for so much more. Yet here I am, professionally writing, editing, and QAing.

It’s…still pretty out of this world though slowly, I’m starting to come down from the atmosphere and settle into my own, as I should.

Still, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be opening up for commissions, but after a fortnight of mulling things over, I’ve finally decided that I’m in a place to take on some completely fun projects, especially if it gives me the chance to give back to the general fan community.

Writing this post took a lot of courage: a lot of courage. Courage that I didn’t know that I had inside my heart: courage that I thought I’d never feel. Yet it’s courage that I’ve found and I feel so, so proud of myself for that.

I’ve always wanted to take on commissions, and during college I did. But my mental health was quite frayed at the edges back then, and after a while, I started dropping projects until I just kind of refunded everyone who hadn’t gotten their projects, and just… dropped off the map.

But now, I know that I’m finally in a place where I’m experienced enough -and generally capable- of taking on side work that’s completely indulgent on my end.

So, let’s cut to the chase: what kind of commissions can you get from me?

Essay Commissions.

Basically, my essay commissions are fandom-focused pieces where you can pay me to talk about whatever you’d like. Want me to do a deep dive on Vocaloid? You got it. Wanna hear my talk about Geralt of Rivia and the power of destiny? Okay. Got a burning desire for someone to write about Kirby and body positivity? That’s right up my alley.

Basically, you can commission me about almost anything, and I’ll do the research and writing and -once everything’s done- will share it via my Medium account and my Twitter, with a link for you to share the article to whomever you want.

(Also, you’ll get a shout-out for your own social media and whatnot! Neat, huh?)

Right now, I’ve got a grand total of five slots avaliable. If you’re looking for an article, or want to see your own particular tastes represented in writing, please consider me as your writer of choice. I’d be glad to make your fandom-related dreams come true.

I’m genuinely not sure how to end this post other than by saying thank you in advance to anyone who commissions me. I’m hoping that once I start sharing information about my commissions, I’ll get a request or two. I’d really like to see this become something that I do pretty regularly.

For now, I’m going to end this post and get back to reading: I’ve got a couple of reviews I’m trying to get done before month’s end. Plus, tomorrow is a break day for me so all my work’s gotta get wrapped up before I start to get sleepy.

If you like what I’ve got to say, want to support my reviews, or just generally want to support my ongoing creative and professional endeavors, please consider buying me a nice cup of Ko-fi or donating to me via PayPal. I’m also avaliable for essay commissions via Ko-Fi, which will be hosted on my Medium.

Every dollar allows me to sustainably and healthily do the work I love, all while sharing it with you for free. Thank you in advance for your on-going readership and support: it means the world to me.

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