The aquatope on white sand – Episode 8 (ANN)

It feels like there’s a different momentum in episode 8, which is nice: there’s still no sign of magical realism, but I’m starting to be okay with putting that aside until it kicks in hard. I know I’ve continually asked for more of it in past reviews, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with just letting aquatope do its thing. If that means the Kijimuna (the little fish-eating god, for reference) factors in more later down the line, then so be it. If not, it wouldn’t change the fact that The aquatope on white sand is still a really good show to me. So much of this show’s heart is in Fuuka and Kukuru and Kai and Kuuya and their entire community: that’s what’s keeping me coming back week to week, in the end.

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